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A Drink with Dan!

I sat down with comedian Dan Aykrord and sampled his specially crafted Crystal Head Vodka. It is smooth and delicious. He describes it as the way vodka should be, “a touch of vanilla on the nose, sweet dry crisp and a kick of heat off the finish!” All we needed was some Caviar! Thanks to Chef Perfecto at The Blvd at The Beverly Wilshire, we got it!
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The pineapple Dum Dum might be her treat of choice after the show, but don’t be fooled! This little “fashionista” feasted on french fries and focaccia the entire trip! Oh yes, and she loved the attention on The Spice Market patio and the gnudi (ricotta filled dumplings in a butter cream sauce) at The Spotted Pig!

Coffee cigarettes and doughnuts! Dessert at Thermador in San Francisco. Though i am against smoking ,the tobacco scented cream -filled white chocolate cig was tasty!

It's a lot more gourmet than you'd expect, but "Grub" does live up to it's name. You'll find homey specialties, like thick juicy burgers topped with cheese and chili or crispy fried chicken. All of it served up in a little cozy spot where you can roll up your sleeves and dig in. For me, the bacon quesadilla and drunken steak, a perfectly cooked filet mignon marinated in beer, were the highlights. The seven layer dip with a surprise kick makes you realize why something old can and should be new again!

The beautiful Greystone Mansion and gardens were the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of wining and dining for a good cause.

Hors d’oeuvres from some of LA’s top spots were paired with many of California’s premium wineries.

STK’s steak tartare cones drizzled with truffle oil and Michael’s white asparagus with morel mushrooms were the stand-outs.

Of course, there were plenty of wines to choose from but Realm’s Cabernet is one of my new favorites.

Jennifer Lavin, E! News Supervising Producer (Left) and Lisa Summers Haas, VP Communications for ET/The Insider (Right)

Dinner at Bottega in Napa Valley was delicious! It was Fabio's brilliant idea to stop in, but thank you Michael for cooking!